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Spirits of a Feather
Souls of a Feather
It's Not Where You're Going

          Sequel to Spirits of a Feather                               (also by Charles Shirriff)
   This sequel is the continuation of Shirriff''s observations of Jay's life in which he has spiritual encounters with a       First Nation shaman and  various religious  faiths including: Hutterian, Bahai Faith,  Hasidic Jew, and New Age believers.
  This is a modern love story ending in the marriage of Jay with some help from his guardian eagle and First Nation friends.

Autobiographical Stories
by Charles 'Bill" Shirriff

  This book is a collection of  autobiographical stories,  pictures and anecdotes drawn from the life of Charles (aka Bill) Shirriff.
   It  includes events and thoughts from Shirriff 's 35 years of experience the Manitoba  school system, his attendance at several universities in the USA and Canada, and a variety of   other activities of Shirriff ' s life.
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based on:  "Spirits of a Feather"
              &  "Souls of a Feather"
                       by Charles Shirriff

     ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY                         SCRIPT

by Charles W. Shirriff

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Alabama Calling
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A "coming-of-age" story
by Charles (Bill) Shirriff

    Shirriff has fictionalized the life of a gay, abused, native teenager (Jay) struggling to survive on his own (with a little help from his friends).
  It is a coming-of-age story in the subcultures of a big city as seen by Shirriff through the eyes of this disadvantaged  young man.
  Shirriff based this story on the 15 years during which time Shirriff was actively and personally  involved with his life.