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    This is the sequel to 'Spirits of a Feather' with the same characters, and a few new ones, searching to find love and meaning in their lives.
    Powwow dancers, a native shaman and a gay best man enhance his Country Club wedding to a rich girl in this fictionalized, humorous real-life story of a native aboriginal (First Nations) teenager struggling to survive the perils of big city life after leaving his abusive rural home in northern Manitoba.
Page last updated: January 13, 2017
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Reviewed by  Liz Lane 

  From the beginning of Charles Shirriff's second novel I felt as though I was amongst friends. Few authors can blend religion, love, sexuality and deception into such a sweet and satisfying encounter.

  As the main character, Jay is the person most of us wish we could be. He always does the right thing, has a never-ending stream of knowledge and manages to find strength from within.

  From helping new acquaintances settle into Canadian residency to dealing with his girlfriend's deceptive father, Jay handles it all easily with a little help from his friends. Along the way the reader unknowingly absorbs lessons of different theologies and leaves you wanting to experience each and every one.
This novel is a pleasure in every way. Keep your pen handy Mr.Shirriff. I'm eagerly awaiting the next novel.  - Liz Lane

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